Conquest issue 3


Conquest Issue #3

A Science fiction comic book from the mind of Steve Stone, Scott Rottinghaus and James Stone. Over 20 years of planning, work and thought have gone into this story and art work. It's a passion project that has finally come to be. We hope you enjoy, and tell your friends. Come, Join the Conquest!


Conquest issue 3

Conquest Issue #3 is now available for purchase!

Get your copy of the 1st run from Immortal Samurai Comics. Art by the one and only James Stone, Story by Steve Stone and Artistic Director Scott Rottinghaus

In a distant galaxy their is an uprising of people fed up with mediocre living and having the people rejoice over it. The Divergence has been on a mission, and it’s time for someone to put an end to it. Everyone has a story, and this is theirs.


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