Conquest Graphic Novel: Sketch Cover


Conquest: Chapter One Sketch Cover

Issues 1 – 6 of Conquest are finished and ready for your hungry eyes to glean in with this Graphic Novel collection. A Samurai Western in Space on an epic scale. We began development in 1997, and have constructed a universe that we are proud to share with you all. Enjoy, and help support indie comics.


Conquest Graphic Novel: Sketch Cover #JameStrong Edition

Conquest is the on-going science fiction story set in another Galaxy, perhaps not that different from our own. We follow the lives of a group of individuals with very different backgrounds and goals. They will be brought together, and the fate of the galaxy is at stake. What is the Divergence up to? What is Conrads mission? Who is Leander looking for? Where did Noble come from? What are the Dragon wars that Deraj, and Than fought in? Will Chane and Septar find and defeat Berlin? All of this and more will begin to be unraveled in Chapter One of Conquest. Start the journey with us here.


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