Conquest issue 6: Sketch Cover


Conquest Issue #4 Sketch Cover

A Science fiction comic book from the mind of Steve Stone, Scott Rottinghaus and James Stone. Over 20 years of planning, work and thought have gone into this story and art work. It’s a passion project that has finally come to be. We hope you enjoy, and tell your friends. Come, Join the Conquest!


Conquest issue 6 Sketch Cover

Conquest Issue #4 is now available for purchase!

Conquest is a science fiction comic book brought to you by the minds of Steve Stone, James Stone, and Scott Rottinghaus. Written by Steve Stone ~ Art by James Stone ~ Conquest is a Samurai western in space full of alien factions, freedom fighters, and Galactic Soldiers all fighting for survival, freedom, revenge and the fate of a galaxy. You don’t want to miss an issue.

In a distant galaxy their has been an uprising of the people, many have tried to come against the Divergence and all have failed. The tide might well be shifting in this battle for freedom. Get your issues of Conquest in order to discover the secrets on the mysterious planet and the fate of a galaxy and those in it.


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