Welcome To Cape Haven

The newest title from Immortal Samurai Comics by Steve and James Stone. Pick up Issues One and Two now! Issue Three coming SOON!


Conquest: Chapter One

Issues: 1 – 6 compiled together for the 1st time. Available Now!



Set in Stone Issue 11

by James Stone | Funeral Potato Salad

Set in Stone Issue 10

by James Stone | Happy Birthday Tim Curry

Set in Stone Issue 9

by Steve Stone | Walls at Megacon

Set in Stone issue 8

by James Stone | Wood on Comics

Set in Stone issue 7

by James Stone | People on the Internet Prove That Daily

Set in Stone Issue 6

by James Stone | Are You Saying I'm Not a Sexy Chick?

Set in Stone Issue 5

by James Stone | That's One Worn Out Filter • Pt 2

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and 80 pics

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and 80 pics

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and 80 pics So the new trailer for Thor Ragnarok has just dropped, and Marvel Studios has outdone themselves once again! Watch the New Trailer here and then get a pic by pic breakdown of the trailer. (Thor falling) (Into Hel perhaps) (The domain... read more
Super Toy Con 2016

Super Toy Con 2016

Super Toy Con – Aug 5th – 7th 2016 Orleans Arena: 4500 W Tropicana Ave. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89103 Immortal Samurai Comics will be at Super Toy Con this year being represented by Artist and Creator James Stone. James will be debuting Cape Haven: Two at this... read more
Welcome To Cape Haven Two

Welcome To Cape Haven Two

Welcome To Cape Haven: Two Cape Haven Two brings us back to the City that Hugo Danner is still rediscovering. Hugo comes face to face with the Skull Faced Assassin, and Downfall in this issue. Mayor Sterling Krosbie joins the party as well in this issue, and seems to... read more
Steve Stone

Steve Stone

Writer / CEO

Steve Stone

CEO of Immortal Samurai Comics

Lead writer and a Creator of “Conquest”

Steve Stone is an artist & writer from Orlando, FL. He began drawing when he was 2 and developed a passion for comic books just before his 11th birthday when he bought his 1st comic book “Classic X Men #1”. He Grew up in Las Vegas creating comic book characters for his brothers and him to play as, and make up stories for. He moved to Orlando again in 1995 where his Cousin Scott helped to get rid of the cheesy aspects of the comic he had been developing & came up with a new name for the book and main characters. From there they have been refining the details of the story along with James, Steve’s younger brother (and Artist for Conquest). Over 20 years later issues #1 – 4 are now available with issue #5 and #6 on the way. Steve also is a graphic designer and dance instructor. He writes poetry and enjoys photography & video. If it’s artistic ….. he wants to do it.


James Stone

James Stone

Artist / CoCreator

James Stone

Lead Artist for Immortal Samurai Comics and one of the Creators of Conquest.
Artist of Chain Reaction one shot by writer Josh Southall and Conquest written by Steve Stone.

James Stone is from Las Vegas, NV. and has always a fan of art, he never really pursued sequential art seriously until High School where he was the vice president of the art club and editor of the high school comic book. After High School he received many packages from FL. about a comic book called Conquest which was originally drawn by his older brother Steve. After much refining, the stories were sent for James to take over the art. He is a self taught artist, studying comic art from his vast comic book collection. Notable favorites include Jim Lee, Scott McDaniel, Erik Larsen, Frank Miller, Mike Turner, Mike Weiringo, Scott Williams & Richard Friend to name but a few. Starting out with pencil on paper to the digital realm, he uses a combination of both to keep improving his skills.

Scott Rottinghaus

Scott Rottinghaus

Story Consultant / CoCreator

Scott Rottinghaus

Artistic Director at Immortal Samurai Comics.

Overseeing all the creative titles for quality and originality.

Also one of the Creators of our 1st Title “Conquest” available now.


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