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Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and 80 pics

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and 80 pics So the new trailer for Thor Ragnarok has just dropped, and Marvel Studios has outdone themselves once again! Watch the New Trailer here and then get a pic by pic breakdown of the trailer. (Thor falling) (Into Hel perhaps) (The domain... read more

Super Toy Con 2016

Super Toy Con – Aug 5th – 7th 2016 Orleans Arena: 4500 W Tropicana Ave. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89103 Immortal Samurai Comics will be at Super Toy Con this year being represented by Artist and Creator James Stone. James will be debuting Cape Haven: Two at this... read more

Welcome To Cape Haven Two

Welcome To Cape Haven: Two Cape Haven Two brings us back to the City that Hugo Danner is still rediscovering. Hugo comes face to face with the Skull Faced Assassin, and Downfall in this issue. Mayor Sterling Krosbie joins the party as well in this issue, and seems to... read more

Welcome To Cape Haven One

Welcome To Cape Haven: One Cape Haven is the story of a city and it’s inhabitants. We join Hugo Danner as re rediscovers the city that he once knew. The times have changed, as well as the supers in it. Get an introduction to some of these supers in issue... read more

Pokemon Go List of Most Common to Rarest

Pokemon Go List of Most Common to Rarest – Full Pokemon Go List Very Common Pokemon in Pokemon Go #133 Eevee #092 Gastly #074 Geodude #069 Bellsprout #010 Caterpie #023 Ekans #118 Goldeen #098 Krabby #066 Machop #129 Magikarp #081 Magnemite #016 Pidgey #060 Poliwag... read more

James Stone on Geeks R Sexy

James Stone on Geeks R Sexy On September 11 2015 James sat with Adam & Luis from Geeks R Sexy on WCOBM and talk about everything that he has coming up with comic books, Conquest, Cape Haven, other upcoming projects. Watch all 3 segments below and let us know what... read more

Con Man is coming

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion bring you Con Man! A new comedy about a co-star on a Sci Fi show that was canceled ….. too soon, yet became a cult classic. He was the pilot and his now famous friend was the captain of the series, and has gone on to become a major... read more

Batman V Superman Trailer HD

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer The long awaited trailer from WB has finally arrived after being leaked. Director Zack Snyder tweeted the trailer early so we could get a better look #NotBlurry #NotPirated. It starts off very dark with a vocal collage of news... read more

Star Wars VII Trailers

Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens Take a look at all the new shots that J.J. Abrams and the folks at Star Wars have brought us. We see a slightly larger scale to the film, with more detail regarding the new main characters Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron as well as Kylo... read more

Batman V Superman

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Zack Snyder  on May 13th 2014 released the 1st Pictures from the set of the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We Finally get to see our very 1st Picture of Ben Affleck in the Batman Suit which we 1st... read more

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 That’s right my comic book family, the 2nd Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is finally here and James Stone is there representing for Immortal Samurai Comics. He’s all loaded up with lots of comic book nerdy goodness. He has... read more

Batman Movie origin, Knight light

Batman’s Origin, 75 years of the Dark Knight: Night and Day Part 1 BOB KANE & BILL FINGER: The original Batman and Robin. Some of you may be aware of the Origin of Batman, but for those who don’t here’s a brief history. Batman 1st appeared in... read more

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer 2014 “So here we are, a thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac. But we’re not going to stand by as evil wipes out the Galaxy. I guess we’re stuck together. Partners.” The Guardians of the Galaxy by... read more

Immortal Samurai Comics on Wannabe Podcast

Immortal Samurai Comics on Wannabe Podcast You can hear the full hour of the podcast with Steve Stone, Andrew Pate, and Jayson Kretzer where we talk about Conquest, Comic books, Panama City Creative Con and the new Batman. You can hear the whole thing HERE on Rouge... read more
Set In Stone Podcast #11: Funeral Potato Salad

Set In Stone Podcast #11: Funeral Potato Salad

Set In Stone Podcast Issue #11: Funeral Potato Salad This is an introduction to the editorial/creative staff of Plot Twist Publishing. In this issue we chat with Jean, Coy, Greg, Cubstead, and our own host James and learn about the ups and downs of self-publishing...
Set In Stone: Issue 10 Tim Curry

Set In Stone: Issue 10 Tim Curry

The Set in Stone Podcast: Issue 10 Tim Curry Happy 70th Birthday Tim Curry! We love you, and have enjoyed your movies and shows for 5 Decades. We look forward to seeing more of you in the future. James Stone and I (Steve Stone) sit down and talk about the extensive...

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