Set in Stone # 6: Are you saying I’m not a sexy chick?

Set in Stone # 6: Are you saying I’m not a sexy chick? Buckle you seat belts and grab a drink, as James Stone takes you on another “Set in Stone” journey! This issue is a long one! double sized if you will. James and Jerald chat about art, meeting each other, what art means to them, Artistic growth, and self depreciation, to name but a few topics. You can also find his Instagram here. Jerald Johnson



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Show Notes brought to you by Jerald Johnson

3:12 – Getting in the groove and balancing your art with your relationship
5:58 – Perfect companion for doing art on the go
7:18 – Deeper dive into Jerald’s art for his show
8:40 – Show info
9:26 – Working with KickStarter
11:32 – Talking to an Industry professional artist to help with your personal project
13:48 – Getting to know Jerald and his personal backstory
18:24 – Late introductions and how James and Jerald met
22:16 – More on Jerald’s story and artistic growth
24:10 – How you can tell you love something
29:00 – Boy Meets World
31:48 – Geometry and Artists
33:26 – The trials and tribulations of your own graphic novel
38:05 – Mixing genres
39:20 – How your electric appliances came to exist
43:50 – Art in college, starting up a comic club
50:16 – Jerald’s College Art Professor
52:18 – Back to Jerald’s school background, returning to his mom, and his web employment in PA.
57:57 – Digital art and traditional art
59:52 – Arriving in Las Vegas and working in sin city
1:02:42 – Getting REAL. Ready made website services VS a professional web designer
1:07:40 – More graphic novel talks and IMMORTAL collab??
1:09:09 – “I’m an art whore”
1:13:37 – Getting real again on crafting stories
1:28:04 – Exploring other art avenues
1:31:44 – Jerald talks about his future plans and upcoming shows for 2015
1:37:37 – The Eraser Condom
1:39:58 – The August show details
1:41:31 – Neil Degrasse Tyson: My Favorite Animal
1:44:13 – Only in Vegas

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