Co Founder of Immortal Samurai Comics
& Co Creator of the 1st Comic Book title “Conquest” which he also writes.

Steve Stone is an artist of many passions, from Orlando, FL. He began drawing when he was 2 and developed a passion for comic books just before his 11th birthday when he bought his 1st comic “Classic X Men #1”. He Grew up in Las Vegas creating comic book characters for him and his brothers to play as and make up stories for. He moved to Orlando again in 1995 where his Cousin Scott helped to get rid of the cheesy and dumb aspects of the comic and came up with a new name for the book and main character. From there they have been refining the details of the story along with James, Steve’s younger brother (and Artist for Conquest). Over 20 years later issue #1 is available with more issues on the way. Steve also is a graphic designer and dance instructor. He writes poetry and enjoys taking pictures and video. If it’s artistic ….. he wants to do it. He is engaged to the love of his life and couldn’t be happier.

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