Immortal Samurai Comics Creators

Artistic Director & Creator
Scott Rottinghaus

Lead Writer & Creator
Steve Stone

Lead Artist & Creator
James Stone

Steve Stone Here.

It all started in 1989, after a shot I received so I wouldn’t get lock jaw. A friend of mine and I were drawing ideas for comic book characters, something that I’d been doing for as long as I can remember. We came up with a character and I named him L.A. Warrant. (Lame I know) I was 14. From that day on I used that character for the lead in all my stories.

My brothers and I would come up with story lines and then play as the characters in the pool. Body slamming each other, you know how kids are. Anyway, my brothers started drawing too, and in 1995 I moved to Florida from Las Vegas. My brothers kept drawing and I stopped pretty much. When I came back to Vegas to visit I noticed my brother James had been working on his comic book style art. Sequential art was never my strong suite. So I wrote a story for James to draw, so that he would have a direction to move in, it was something completely different, a new character and story idea. Years went by, and his art work improved, and the story started to change even more. My Cousin Scott and I would sit down and go over the book, and he revamped the names and concepts of some of the characters and the book including the title. We’re now taking a drastically different direction and this was getting exciting, we might actually have a Fantastic story to share with people. So here we are years and years later, sharing our hard work and passion with you. We Hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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