The Set in Stone Podcast

cause comics are cool


We believe that Artists, Writers, Comic Creators and Fans alike should have a voice so James and Steve Stone are starting a podcast (pass it on) and we invite you to take a listen and join us on the new SET in STONE Podcast. We will be talking about independent comics, and creators as well as the professionals. What we like, and don’t like and everything in between. Plus we will be adding segments and expanding on different artists and creators that you the audience recommend with a showcase section.

Tell us who and what you would like to hear, and what you think is missing out there in the comic book podcasting world.

Set In Stone Podcast #11: Funeral Potato Salad

Set In Stone Podcast Issue #11: Funeral Potato Salad This is an introduction to the editorial/creative staff of Plot Twist Publishing. In this issue we chat with Jean, Coy, Greg, Cubstead, and our own host James and learn about the ups and downs of self-publishing...

Set In Stone: Issue 10 Tim Curry

The Set in Stone Podcast: Issue 10 Tim Curry Happy 70th Birthday Tim Curry! We love you, and have enjoyed your movies and shows for 5 Decades. We look forward to seeing more of you in the future. James Stone and I (Steve Stone) sit down and talk about the extensive...

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